Select, Special or Non Standard Risks, Farm Risks and High Value Home policies!


As 2020 has now concluded, we want to thank you for your support and patience over the past  years as we restructured the FutureGuard program.  The numbers are more positive then they have been in many years AND we hope to have some exciting additions over then next year to make this program even better. The biggest change is reorganizing this program and writing it through our Lloyds contracts.  

 to get a quote, please contact Penny Harris at with a Fully completed  application and she can provide you with a quote.  

If you have already printed quotes, issued and or sent in your  renewals then the rate will be accepted as an accommodation but you will have to send in the quote sheet with your renewal. 


Special or Non Standard Risks:

We recognize that not everything fits in the “box” and we are here to try and provide a home for those risks.  From this point forward, please direct your hard to place risks to Tina Knox at

Below are examples of some of the risk types that she can assist you with:



We have access to many markets for Farm Business.  Send your completed CSIO homeowners application along with the CSIO Farm Suppliment, to Winnie Chan at and she will assist you with your risk. 


High Value Homes:

We have many contracts and use each depending on the type of risk we are writing.  Work with Katy Edwards  and Hanisha Gill at to determine which company would be best suited for your clients specific needs.  All they need is your clients CSIO application along with full information on alarms an occupations and she can get you the best deal and options for your clients.